We are a full-service provider of Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications.

We also consult on all aspects of technology to support your diverse project needs and IT challenges.

Kooheji Systems builds the applications you need and provides the latest technology to support your business. Our development methodologies are based on global best practices. Our team likes to be challenged, so don't shy away from asking us to tackle those hard or "impossible" tasks. Instead, contact us right away.

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Our Process

  • Design


    The first step in any project is a complete review of your requirements, including scoping workshops and a focused inquiry into your needs. Detailed reports and design documents are prepared at this stage.

  • Develop


    Our team studies and builds all design documents based on your vision and our insights. We stay with you at every step, utilizing vigorous Project Management techniques and observing key milestones along the way.

  • Deploy


    Once the product is delivered, we conduct thorough testing and assessment procedures and implement any necessary revisions to ensure our clients' expectations have been met and all systems function flawlessly.

Our Services

Our Services
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Consultancy Services

Mobile Application Development

The world of technology is going mobile, and new wireless devices are becoming more widespread every day. Kooheji Systems has comprehensive industry experience in developing mobile platforms. Our engineers have delivered solutions for every major hand-held platform, including iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Java ME.

Our services include development of business applications as well as entertainment. We can design icons and user interfaces, integrate with Web services, create secure mobile commerce solutions, and even create Widgets! Whatever your mobile application requirements are, we are confident that our team will exceed your expectations and deliver a great product.

Mobile Platforms

Game Development

Games are without a doubt the most popular mobile application. The mobile games market has grown exponentially even in the past few months, as more powerful devices have been released. And the demand will continue to increase.

Our team can help bring your game idea to life, whether it's a casual game or a mind-blowing experience. We create thrilling and entertaining games, deliver high-end graphics, high-quality sound effects, and much more.

Game Development

Business Applications

Business Applications

Today's successful enterprises are discovering that granting mobile access to critical business applications can increase productivity and revenue. We can help you build the apps your business needs on any major mobile platform.

Not only can apps enhance the productivity of mobile employees, but they can also help organizations to communicate with their customers and deliver rich, interactive experiences.

Leveraging our leading industry knowledge and wide-ranging technical background, we design and build mobile applications that are customer friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing. Our vision is to deliver the best Mobile Applications in terms of user-interface and functionality.

Web Design

Web Design

Whether you are looking to create a small business website, or a complex enterprise portal, our team of award winning, international designers can deliver a full-service solution to meet your needs.

Our Web design services start with thorough requirements planning and mapping , user interface design and usability testing, and planning of information architecture. Our team of graphic designers then implement the prototypes into world class designs.

Web design trends, technologies, and user expectations are changing by the day. We understand what it takes and are able to deliver an effective and enticing web site at the most affordable price.

Content Management System


A good website requires a strong platform in order to function well. We know how much of a hassle it can be to manage a growing website. Hence, we provide customized CMS solutions that are time-saving and fuss-free. You will be able to manage your website with ease and keep it clean and clutter-free. We specialize in the most popular CMS packages such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. If your requirements are more complex, we can develop a custom built platform to meet your needs.

Whether you are building a corporate website, a government portal, or a community site, our Content Management Systems are the ideal solution for an effective, well-structured, and time-saving website.



When it comes to Electronic Commerce, we immediately think about security and conversion. eCommerce has come a long way from being a static portal to becoming a dynamic, complex environment. That's exactly where we come in to develop the perfect solution for you.

Our eCommerce solutions integrate shopping carts with diverse payment options, inviolable security measures, unique Content Management Systems, and user management functions. We also have a team of Internet marketing experts to help you achieve a client-centric approach and provide detailed reports and regular feedback from your visitors.

Search Engine Optimization


There's a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to the term Search Engine Optimization, even from "experts" in the field. SEO is all about helping people find you by making your content better. With improved content, better Search Engine Rankings come easily and naturally. We prefer to call it Content Improvement, internally. Our team will cover the basic strategies, skip over the gimmicks, and focus on the foundations of your site to create better content and more value for your users. Better search rankings are only a pleasant side effect.

SEO has been proven to yield a higher ROI and be more cost-effective in terms of getting targeted traffic to your website and the acquisition of sales leads than any other forms of online marketing available.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

Information Technology is the backbone of any competitive business in a fast-changing, digital world. Through a careful analysis of any challenges you might be facing, we closely assist your enterprise in order to provide the ideal system to meet your diverse needs.

We specialize in several areas of Enterprise Software, and can efficiently deliver any of the systems described below. The solutions can either be installed and maintained on your premises, in coordination with your IT Department, or provided on-demand using a Software as a service (SaaS) model.

These services include Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, HR Management, Application Integration, ERP Systems, and, finally, overall Business Intelligence.

Customer Relationship Management Systems


Companies require a solid strategy to manage interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. We offer multiple technology solutions to organize, automate and synchronize business processes. CRM does not only coordinate Sales activities - but also encompasses Marketing, Customer Service, and overall, broad-based support for your business.

We believe it is important to implement CRM on a company-wide level and integrate it with other business functions. The first step in our process is to thoroughly learn your business to make sure we achieve the optimal integration plan, not only with departments that deal directly with customer, but with all departments in your corporation.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems


Once your business starts growing, an ERP System becomes a necessity. We know what it takes to help you select and implement the precise solution that meets your requirements. We work with multiple technologies, and our expertise can be applied to any ERP Solution.

Our solutions will cover most enterprise needs and functions: Accounting, HR, Sales, Purchasing, Project Management, Inventory and Manufacturing. We also follow a standardized framework for integrating ERP Solutions with other already existing applications in your company.

Custom Programming

Custom Programming

Sometimes, "off-the shelf" solutions are not enough to meet your needs. For our most demanding clients, therefore, we offer the highest level of customization possible through our Custom Development and Programming Services.

Our team is able to accurately capture your specifications in order to design and build the ideal application based on our assessment of your needs. Furthermore, we are capable of working with any operating systems or technology deployed in your organization to create enterprise-ready solutions customized to your needs.

Network Design

Network Design

If you are building a new office or are looking to upgrade an existing network, our team of specialists can provide you with complete network hardware and software design, configuration, and implementation services. We can determine the optimal network infrastructure for your business with the speed, convenience, and security you expect.

Furthermore, our methodology ensures that your network infrastructure is reliable, flexible and scalable with the flexibility to rapidly integrate new and existing technologies.

Security Audit

Security Audit

IT Security is very often overlooked or unsystematic in organizations. Regardless of the size of your corporation, every business, including yours, has valuable IT assets such as computers, networks, and data. And protecting those assets, requires that companies big and small conduct their own IT security audits in order to get a clearer picture of the security risks they face and to best deal with those threats.

Our security audits are conducted by certified experts in the field and are comprehensive. Starting with setting up a security perimeter and concluding even with preventing physical intrusion, we leave nothing to chance. Whether you are auditing an existing infrastructure or require a review of a new design, we can assist you to achieve peace of mind and a high standard of compliance.

Project Management

Project Management

Projects are becoming increasingly complex to design, deploy, secure and manage; requiring a strong level of expertise to execute them proficiently. Throughout the process, our IT Project Management team focuses on delivering trouble-free implementation and minimal disruption to your business.

Our large pool of IT Project Managers can deliver your completed ventures from commencement of your project to any stage in the project life-cycle. They are able to work across business disciplines and verticals to give tailored solutions, regardless of size or geography.


Our Partners

About Us

About Us

Kooheji Systems is a Bahrain based technology corporation specializing in IT consultancy and development of web, mobile, and desktop applications. We pride ourselves on employing a team of highly qualified experts in diverse fields of technology and also on our ability to deliver world-class IT solutions using international standards and at competitive rates.

Our development process is thoroughly designed to support and partner with our clients. We understand that requirements vary from client to client, and that clients may need assistance in identifying the optimal solution to their needs. In order for us to truly consider ourselves partners, our initial consulting sessions are always free of charge.

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Our Network

Our headquarters are based in Bahrain, but
our network extends globally. Through
exclusive partnership agreements, we have
teamed up with the top talent in various fields of IT
in order to deliver the highest level of competency.

Our unique approach allows us to provide you with extraordinary
skills and capabilities which are not available locally, while making
ourselves available to meet you daily and discuss your project.
We absolutely pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed within our industry and can confidently say that we are ready to deliver
the highest value on any project, regardless of complexity or scale.

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Contact Us

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